SpectraIP introduces AMD Ryzen servers

Amsterdam, 23 June 2020 – SpectraIP, a fast-growing IT infrastructure provider, has launched a totally new concept: high performance AMD Ryzen servers with datacenter-grade reliability. Hosted in Amsterdam.

In doing so, SpectraIP uses ASRock Rack’s AMD Ryzen server platform. These servers offer the ability to deploy AMD Ryzen platforms as high-performance and reliable servers.

Thus, the servers are equipped with network boot, remote reboot, dual network connection and further advanced technologies intended for server use.

These technologies, which ASRock Rack links to the AMD Ryzen platform, allow SpectraIP to seamlessly connect these servers to its dedicated server control panel. In our control panel, customers can install and manage their servers the way they want.

Together with our low latency network connection, SpectraIP’s AMD Ryzen powered dedicated servers offer an ideal solution for applications that require high computing power and a stable connection.