Over ons

Making hosting high-quality, affordable and simple. That is our mission and this is what we strive for every day. At SpectraIP you can count on the best support, a large stock of technical knowledge and entrepreneurship. We make sure not only that entrepreneurship becomes easier and more fun, but also that your customers enjoy your online accessibility.

You can contact us for web hosting, reseller hosting, complete servers or even space for your own equipment in our datacenter. We are always there for you when you need us. That's why we are open every day, even at weekends. This ensures that the response time is as short as possible: you are quickly provided with an answer to your question.

Our infrastructure

Datacenter Amsterdam region

SpectraIP has its own rack space in the Zaanstreek, located near Amsterdam.

In order to offer the best continuity, we use redundant cooling systems, fibre-optic connections and power supplies. If there is a power failure, we can use the existing UPS and generator systems to continuously supply the data centre with power.


SpectraIP has its own network (AS62068) with multiple fibre-optic connections and redundantly designed routers. We monitor our network 24x7 and in case of calamities we can intervene immediately.

A tour of our datacenter is no problem at all, contact us for a free tour.